Large Print Edition

Our large format A3 edition of the Alexandra Standard and Yea Chronicle.

In 2019, Alexandra Newspapers received a grant to develop a Large Print Edition of the Alexandra Standard and Yea Chronicle.

Our population is ageing and many people have trouble reading normal newsprint, so it made sense to scale up the paper and make the news more accessible to those with low vision.

COVID-19 gave Alexandra Newspapers the chance to develop the processes and final outlay of the Large Print edition and copies were distributed to Kellock Lodge, Darlingford Nursing Home and Rosebank Hostel in Yea where they received favorable feedback.

Available at:

The Large Print edition is currently available at:

    • Alexandra Standard Office
    • Yea Chronicle Office
    • By Subscription

To organise a subscription please contact 03 5771 1002 or email

Our Large Print Edition in the community

Kellock Lodge large print
Large print Rosebank

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