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Feb 6, 2024

KELLOCK Lodge Chair Ian Gibb has announced that Tania Hunter has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Gibb said that the board recognised that Ms Hunter has shown competent leadership in the operations of Kellock Lodge for quite a few years and is the best candidate to lead the facility through the next round of recommendations from the Aged Care Royal Commission.

“With the permanent appointment of CEO, our senior management team are displaying a united front. We’ve been able to put the right people in the right jobs,” Mr Gibb said.

“Our Director of Nursing, Amy Webb, who commenced last May is settling well into the role. With years of experience in major hospital emergency departments, and international nursing in Dubai, our staff report increasing confidence and empowerment with Amy’s leadership. Teamwork is increasing and staff report feeling empowered in their roles,” he added.

“Twelve months ago, we were fortunate to recruit Maria Price who came to us with extensive experience in Aged Care operations. Maria brings her passion for aged care every day and displays an infectious enthusiasm in everything she does. As Manager Corporate Services, Maria oversees all staff rostering, Catering, Environment, and Maintenance Services.”

Mr Gibb thanked retiring members Larry Fallon, Charlie Bisset and Melinda Burgess for their time on the Board of Management of Kellock Lodge.

“This is Larry’s second stint as Director, clocking up nineteen years of volunteer service. Larry has shared his sound business acumen and played a pivotal role in our transition to community ownership.

“Both Charlie and Melinda are well known to community service in Murrindindi. Again, we thank them for sharing their expertise and we have appreciated their passion and knowledge of governance and due process.

“Finally, we acknowledge the recent passing of past Board Member and long serving Chairman Maurice Pawsey OAM. We thank… Click here to read the complete article.

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