Photo Orders

Want a photo from the Alexandra Standard or the Yea Chronicle? We can help you out.

Why is it a good reason to buy/order photos?

Even in the digital age we live in now, people still like to have pictures in frames.

If you see a photo in the paper of your child, grandchild, partner, or friend we can supply you with a copy to put on your wall as long as Alexandra Newspapers took the photo (we cannot provide a copy of a photo that was taken by a third party).

We do not supply digital copies of our photos.

Enquire today

Want to order a photo from the Alexandra Standard or the Yea Chronicle? Give us a call today 5772 1002 or email

How does it work?

Ordering photos couldn't be easier.

  1. Click on the link below to download our Photo Order Form
  2. Print out the form, and complete.
  3. You can email the form to us or drop it into the Alexandra or Yea Office.
  4. Payment is required at time of ordering.
Alexandra Newspapers Photo Order Samples

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