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Celina Mott


After gaining her Bachelor in Civil Engineering qualifications in 2001, Celina built on her experience at Hyder Consulting in finance and traffic engineering before establishing herself in the finance department of technology giant Seagate in the Netherlands.

Returning to Melbourne, Celina took over property management concerns for two commercial buildings, one of which she was responsible for overseeing the redevelopment, before negotiating their sale.

Celina has been overseeing the management of Alexandra Newspapers since 2011 when the Mott family became the owners.

Karen started working part-time with Alexandra Newspapers in October 2009 as an inserter when the Hayes and Smith families owned The Alexandra Standard and The Yea Chronicle, this progressed to sports editing and writing the occasional editorial article and helping out in reception.

When the Mott family, took over in 2014 she moved into accounts and became full-time manager, during this time Karen also filled in as General Manager for our sister publications in Kilmore and became a director in 2017.

Karen has worked in all aspects of the newspaper since commencing, writing, photography, proof-reading, commercial printing, reception, advertising, sports reporting and more. She knows her way around our newspapers. She has seen some incredible staff come and go over the years.

It gave Karen a great thrill to be able to be part of The Alexandra Standard reaching 150 years old in 2018, one of the oldest community newspapers still running and she is confident the papers will see another 150 years of production.

Anne is a former screen industry journalist who moved to Murrindindi in 2016 to take up the role of editor at The Alexandra Standard and The Yea Chronicle.

She is always keen to hear from members of the community with a story to tell. If there is something you are keen to let the community know about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Where disputes arise in the community, she is always willing to hear both sides of the story and present the information so readers can make up their own minds.

During her tenure, the newspapers have won VCPA awards for Overall Newspaper Excellence, Journalism, a Social Media award and a Best Photography award.

Clive Clayton

Proof Reader/Sports Editor

Clive is sports editor for The Alexandra Standard and The Yea Chronicle and has been a member of the team since 2012.

He is also responsible for proofing the papers prior to publication and for distribution of copies to outlets throughout the shire.

Alexandra Newspapers encourage all sporting clubs and groups to contribute to the papers. If you would like your sporting club or group to be featured on a regular basis please contact Clive at sports@alexandranewspapers.com.au

Olivia Turner

Sales Consultant

Olivia was raised in Rural Western Australia during her schooling years and then moved with her family to Queensland in her late teens.  Married for 20+ years with two kids, now both teens, she relocated to Victoria in 2009.  Settling in Greensborough before moving to the Murrindindi Shire in 2012, Olivia’s family enjoys camping and day tripping to new places and is keen for an adventure.  As a lover of the arts and creative endeavors, Olivia has been fortunate enough to be involved with some local art projects.  She is a people person who enjoys having a chat with anyone, so feels right at home in the Advertising Sales department of Alexandra Newspapers.  Olivia has already gotten to know a lot of locals through working as the receptionist with one of the local GP clinics.

Ebony Morrison


Ebony commenced working with Alexandra Newspapers in 2013. She completed a TAFE course in Business Admin in 2016. Her job involves reception, classified and trades advertising, setting artwork and sending proofs to clients. She is also involved in many other aspects of the newspaper production.

It is Ebony you first see when you visit the office.

Ebony has lived in Alexandra since she was two years old and is very familiar with the town and the area.

Ebony takes great pleasure in working with such a community orientated newspaper and being able to help people when they need assistance placing ads or advice about their commercial printing, or just answering questions when needed or when someone drops in just wanting a chat.

Kat Du Guesclin


Kat is not fluffy. But, she is a bit squishy. She likes water, snow, sunshine, puddles, growing things to eat, making things (but not mending things) and dogs.

She is a swim teacher and a cross country ski instructor and has worked in hospitality and customer service since she was 17.

Kat answers the phone and enjoys making paper coleslaw, as well as various folding and photocopying, quoting and vacuuming jobs. She enjoys making Ebony shake her head, Karen wonder why she employed her, and Olivia run away to Yea.

And then she stopped writing.


Ray Steyger

Assistant Catalogue Inserter

Ray commences work at 7 am each Wednesday and assists other staff to insert catalogues into the Alexandra Standard and Yea Chronicle newspapers.

Ray works on an as needs basis on Mondays and puts the assorted catalogues together, ready for Wednesday inserting into the respective papers.

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