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Are you interested in joining the team and becoming an outlet for either The Alexandra, Eildon and Maryville Standard or The Yea Chronicle?

What are the benefits of becoming an outlet?

  • We pay you
  • New customers will come to your shop to collect their weekly edition

Enquire today

Don't let your customers miss out on the local news. Give us a call today 5772 1002 or email

How does it work?

Distributing local news couldn't be easier.

Alexandra Newspapers distribution

What do I need to know?

  • Papers are delivered to your door weekly
  • Return your unsold papers for a credit
  • Increase or decrease your quantity any time you want
  • No minimum or maximum required

Registration Process

  1. Give us a call
  2. Let us know which papers you would like and how many
  3. We will supply you with a returns pad
  4. We will make it happen
  5. You will receive an 'Out Now' poster each week for your window

Terms and Conditions for Distribution Outlets

  • Returns are required to be sent back at least monthly
  • Returns older than three months are not accepted
  • Account payments are nett 20 days

Current Outlets

The following businesses already enjoy the benefits of distributing the Alexandra Standard and the Yea Chronicle. Why not join them?

Alexandra Standard

  • Alexandra FoodWorks
  • Alexandra Newsagency
  • Alexandra Standard office
  • Bucks Country Bakehouse Yarck
  • Choppers Buxton
  • Eildon Newsagency
  • Alexandra Endeavour
  • Hazeldene Store
  • Igloo Roadhouse Buxton
  • Marysville FoodWorks
  • Mansfield Newsagency
  • Merton General Store
  • Seymour Newsagency
  • Simpsons Caltex
  • Taggerty General Store
  • Thornton General Store
  • Yea FoodWorks
  • Yea Newsagency


Yea Chronicle

  • Yea Chronicle office
  • Alexandra Newsagency
  • Alexandra Foodworks
  • BP Endeavour Yea
  • Bucks Country Bakehouse Yarck
  • Eildon Newsagency
  • Glenburn United
  • Hazeldene Store
  • Mansfield Newsagency
  • Merton General Store
  • Seymour Newsagency
  • Whittlesea Newsagency
  • Yea FoodWorks
  • Yea Newsagency


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