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Bowls finals closing in for Alexandra

Best winning rink in division four, Doug Cooper, Janice Dunston, Ben Gilchrist, John Cujic

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Feb 13, 2024

by Marie Evans

WITH two rounds to go before the Pennant finals, Alexandra Bowls Club Saturday division four is looking to contest the knock out round. However, nothing is assured as third and fourth spot could change. Mid-week division three is out of contention as is Saturday division six.

Saturday division four pennant played at home this week and had a good win over Shepparton Park with all four rinks successful and the final score Alexandra 108 to Shepparton Park 75. The best winning rink was John Cujic (skip), Doug Cooper, Ben Gilchrist, and Janice Dunston. They won 15 ends out of 25. They led for the entire game after the first end. It was 21 to eight at the break and the game finished with Alexandra 34 to Shep Park 17. A great team effort by all players, set up by excellent leading from Janice Dunston.

David Nicklos (skip), Bob Mayfield, Andy Tobias, Christine Mayfield were seven/nil down on end four but won the next two ends to lead eight to seven. It was nine all on end eight, 13 all on end 14. Alexandra won the next four ends to lead 21 to 13. Shepparton Park only trailed by five shots by end 22, but Alexandra had a comfortable win 27 to 20. Alexandra won 13 out of the 25 ends.

Graeme Matthews (skip), Ken Argent, Bob Benghamy and Denice Chisholm led 15 to 10 on end 13. They had increased that lead 21 to 11 by end 19 and 23 to 12 on end 22. Shepparton Park won the last three ends but were kept to only four shots. Alexandra won 14 ends and the game 23 to 16.

Greg Gilmore (skip) Larry Scott, Marie Evans and Lauren Gilchrist had the closest game. It was six all on end seven, but Alexandra was 12 to six up on end 10 and 15 to nine up on end 12. By end 21 Alexandra had a 23 to 16 lead. However, only one shot separated the teams on end 24 with Alexandra 23 Shepparton Park 22. Shepparton Park were holding one shot on the last end and the game looked like a draw until Greg Gilmore with the last bowl of the game drew a perfect shot to win the game for Alexandra 24 to 22.

The ladder is, Eildon 179, Euroa 173, Alexandra 146, Dookie 139, Tallygaroopna 121, Seymour 106, Shepparton Park 105, East Shepparton 97, Tatura Hilltop 86. Next week’s game is away to Dookie. A win would ensure Alexandra in third spot.

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