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Overwhelming response to Container Deposit Scheme

A sea of cans at the Eildon container deposit scheme centre

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Feb 5, 2024

The CDS is processing an average of around 10 million cans, cartons, and bottles across the state every week, with Victorians returning an average of 129 containers per transaction.

In the Murrindindi Shire the CDS locations are Kinglake, Yea and Eildon. The Eildon CDS which is located behind Nanny Jans Emporium at 3-4A main street Eildon has had a phenomenal response to the CDS as the organiser Mr Jason Lodge said there has been an incredible result with the numbers received over the last 11 weeks.

“Last week they took 97500 cans and bottles away and I have around 10 to 12000 sitting here at the moment.

“By the end of this week we are approaching an impressive 200 000. The community have gotten behind it and the kids are loving it. Some are getting $30 to $50 at a time from their recycling efforts.”

“Tourists and locals have gotten behind this initiative, we have had a lot of people that are boating and from the caravan park come in with their used containers. We had a lot come through during the Christmas and New Year period.

“We have had tourists over the last few weeks who have brought their cans with them from home. It’s been amazing. Kids are collecting at them at caravan parks while they are on holidays, and they are thoroughly enjoying it.”

When dealing with such large amounts bottles and cans Jason is trying to streamline the process to make the sorting process easier.

“It’s quicker and easier if people separate the mediums with aluminium, plastics and glass then I know that what’s in each bag and its less sorting so we can just put them straight into the bins.

“Unfortunately, I have received bags that have been donated and I have gone to empty them and they three quarters full of rubbish which is disappointing.

“I don’t want cans and bottles with cigarette butts in them either, I must dig them out which isn’t pleasant.

“I need to be able to see the barcode, no wine bottles or spirit bottles whatsoever. We do take all other bottles and make sure.. Click here to read the full story.

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