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Flags fly at Buxton Fire Station

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Nov 15, 2022

ON the afternoon of Saturday, October 29, the Buxton Progress Association (BPA) and Buxton Fire Brigade celebrated the completion of the first stage of a joint project with installation of three new flagpoles at the Buxton Fire Station.

The new flagpoles replace the station’s original flagpole. The brigade now has the Australian national flag flying proudly alongside the Australian Aboriginal Flag and the CFA flag on the fire station frontage facing Maroondah Highway.

The flagpoles are a joint initiative of the BPA and brigade and form part of a number of works that aim to improve the amenity and functionality of the fire station. The flagpole works, along with creation of an outside seating area, have been funded through a community grant from Foundation Murrindindi.

The grant application was initiated by the BPA in keeping with their charter to work with the community to improve the amenity of the township. The need for an outside seating area was identified as a priority for the brigade during the COVID-19 lockdowns and will provide a space for brigade members to sit outside of the station buildings. A workshop building is also to be constructed by CFA behind the fire station through a separate project led by the brigade. A further aspect of the proposed station improvements involves a proposal to install a variable message sign to help provide dynamic messaging to the community in lieu of the manual fire danger rating sign that is set to be removed.

On Saturday, invited guests raised the flags for the first time, with members of the brigade. Foundation Murrindindi’s Board Member David Hall and Executive Officer Robyn Hill were invited to form part of the flag party along with the Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish MP and representatives of the BPA and fire brigade.

Prior to the initial flag raising, Cindy presented both the BPA and brigade with Australian Aboriginal Flags. The flag provided to the BPA was made available after Cindy learnt that the existing flag, flown at the Buxton Memorial Hall, had been damaged in the strong winds that lashed Buxton two weeks ago.

The fire brigade hopes the new flagpoles and flags will help draw attention to the station and reinforce that volunteers primarily provide emergency response services in Buxton and across the Triangle. Indirectly, this may encourage people new to the area to get involved with the brigade or other groups like the State Emergency Service.

The Australian National Flag was raised by Robyn Hill assisted by David Hall, the Australian Aboriginal Flag was raised by Cindy McLeish assisted by BPA Vice President Willie Cureton, and the CFA Flag was raised by the fire brigade’s secretary Jenny Tonkin assisted by communications officer Peter Anderson.

by Paul Denham, Captain of Buxton Fire Brigade

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