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Gun storage changes coming

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Jul 26, 2022

THERE are several changes to firearm storage laws coming and Police have recommended firearm owners, and potential firearm owners familiarise themselves with the changes. From August 30, 2022, current and future firearm owners must make sure their firearm storage complies with the changes.

Divisional Firearms Officer, Leading Senior Constable Chris Cummins said that while many current firearm owners will already have storage which meets the updated standards, particularly if they have a purpose built commercially manufactured gun safe, all gun owners must ensure that their firearms are stored in a purpose-built steel storage receptacle.

“The steel must be of a thickness of at least 1.6mm and if the receptacle weighs less than 150 kilograms when it is empty, it must be bolted to the structure of the premises. The gun safe must also be locked when the firearm is stored in it,” LSC Cummins said.

He added that the state government had introduced the changes which comply with Australian Standard 1594:2002 to bring the storage of category A and B longarms into line with current requirements for category C, D, and general category handguns.

The new storage conditions mean that licence holders cannot store firearms in receptacles built of hard wood or of steel that is less than 1.6mm thick.

LSC Cummins said that owners who do not wish to invest in storage to the new standards can surrender their firearms.

“I have been contacted by several gun owners who have not used their firearms for many years and prefer to surrender them. I can assist others who wish to do this,” LSC Cummins said.

He added that all firearm owners should check their current storage against the new requirements and if needed should prepare to replace or upgrade their arrangements before August 30.

For further information contact Divisional Firearms Officer, Leading Senior Constable Chris Cummins on 5735 0294, email or online at

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