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Jun 17, 2022
SCRUFF, an 18 year old deaf dog, is missing. He has a white coat with mainly black spots. He was last seen wearing a blue tartan jacket and a blue collar with identification. Scruff has also been micro-chipped.
Scruff’s owners, Paula and husband Andy were camping on Paula’s brother’s land at the intersection of Skyline Road and Maintongoon Road on Friday, June 10.
When they arrived, Andy let the dogs out of the van for a wee as they’d been travelling for three hours.
Scruff, an elderly dog, was put onto the ground while Andy was just reaching for the lead. Instead of staying where he was meant to, he took off. As it was dark, he got lost.
Andy frantically tried to find him and let all other people know at the camp site. He searched for four hours, but to no avail.
Scruff’s owners have done everything they can think of to find him. You might have seen one of the flyers or Facebook posts about Scruff.
The owners needed to head home on Thursday, June 16. They’re devastated that they still haven’t been able to find Scruff.
Paula said, “It is so cold, wet and windy, vast native bushland, hills and valleys. We have tried hard to find him, and so has everyone else. Unfortunately, we go home empty handed. No one has come forward. No phone calls. We’ve heard nothing since Friday night about him. Today is day seven. He has a coat on but as I said, cold, wet and he’s not carrying much weight due to his age.
“We have done everything possible to find him, day and night searching the accessible areas, spotlighting, walking, motorbikes etc. The wind, fog, rain make it impossible.
“The glimmer of light (hope) is slowly fading. If he was young and fit the outcome would be different, but he’s old and frail, forgetful, deaf, partially blind, senile. Age is cruel.
“I haven’t given up hope totally but think that I’m kidding myself to think you can survive this. Scruff has been our family dog for so many years. He’s always been an escape artist. I was going to call him Houdini.”
If you see Scruff, please contact Paula or and Andy Teitge on 0437 035 558 or 0414 499 904.
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