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Make it, bake it, grow it results


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Nov 15, 2022

FRIENDS of Kellock are very pleased to announce that their street stall netted a total of $3307.

The raffle of Marian Rennie’s painting, generously donated by Michelle Marchetti, brought in $1147. This was won by Gail Kneeshaw, who incidentally worked the first shift on the stall. Friends of Kellock thank Gail for her time and they hope she enjoys her new painting.

The produce stall brought in $2160 and the organisation extends a congratulations to everyone involved with the wonderful result.

Friends of Kellock said this excellent result is all due to the very generous support they receive from Friends of Kellock members and the community in general, who bake boxes and boxes of beautiful biscuits, cakes and slices, grow plants in coffee mugs and pots, pick flowers and lemons, knit, crochet and macrame.

Friends of Kellock thank everyone who supported the stall by buying things and they hope you are enjoying your purchases.

They said a lady from Melbourne said she’d never seen such an amazing array of beautifully presented goods, and was blown away by the variety of baking. She bought something from every part of the stall.

An enormous thank you is given from the organisation to all of those were involved in any way, either large or small, from the Friends of Kellock Committee members, and the residents and staff of Kellock Lodge.

Not only do the residents benefit from these extra funds materially, but they feel valued that so many people care enough to make the effort to support them in improving their amenities and living spaces.

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