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New beach volleyball court at Alexandra Secondary College

Pic: Anne Nadj, George Nadj, Lachie Morrison, Allie Crouch and Darrell Hedger.

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Feb 7, 2024

ALEXANDRA Secondary College have a brand new beach volleyball court.

Allie Crouch, sports coordinator and Physical Education (PE) teacher, explained that the school got some funding for school sports and Active Sports Victoria. Darrell Hedger, along with Lachie Morrison who developed the stands and cage for the umpiring, have designed and built the court.

George Nadj, Anne Nadj and Paul Francis have also helped with the build, ensuring that the dimensions are correct. As a result, the school now have a full size beach volleyball court.

Allie said that the students have been very proactive in developing their volleyball skills, and the teachers thought that having a beach volleyball court would help them to improve their skills a little bit more. It would also bring them outside and utilise the space better.

The children started using the court when school resumed this year. The court also allows students to have an active lunchtime and to mingle with students from other year groups.

Allie has found that students making the transition from primary to secondary education can be a little uncertain about what to do at lunchtime, and the court can give them a focus.

“It’s really lifted our school grounds. It’s a lovely thing to be able to drive past and see. It looks really professional and makes the children really proud of the facilities and what they have,” Alli said.

They’re planning to run inter-house competitions. They also have a large volleyball unit in term two, with all year sevens and eights playing beach volleyball for the term in PE.

Congratulations to Allie Crouch, Darrell Hedger, Lachie Morrison, Anne Nadj, George Nadj and Paul Francis for all of their hard work.

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