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Yea Medical Centre closes as a precaution


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Sep 27, 2021

ON Sunday, September 26, it was announced that there was an active case of COVID-19 in postcode 3717.

Postcode 3717 includes Yea, Flowerdale, Ghin Ghin, Glenburn, Homewood, Killingworth, Limestone and Murrindindi.

As of Monday, September 27, no exposure sites had been listed in the area.

In recent weeks, there have also been three cases in the 3763 postcode area (Kinglake). On Monday, only one of these cases is still active.

We would like to wish the impacted people all the best for a speedy recovery.

The Yea Medical Centre staff began working remotely on Monday, September 27, as a precaution, while awaiting the results of a potential close contact on Saturday. They added in their statement, “We will certainly advise any patients if we are classified as an exposure site but that is not the case at this moment.”

This appears to be unrelated to the case announced on Sunday, September 26.

The medical centre is still taking calls and appointments via a diverted single line, so there may be some delays. In-clinic appointments have been cancelled for today (Monday) and they will advise scheduled patients of any future changes so there is no need to call.

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