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Yea paramedic a world class ironman

Jacqui graham

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Feb 4, 2024

AFTER an amazing performance in her last Ironman event, Ambulance Victoria Acting Yea Team Manager, Jacqui Graham, is set to compete in the 2024 Ironman World Championship later this year.

Ms Graham completed the Ironman Western Australia last month, coming third in her age group and securing a place in the World Championship.

The Ironman consisted of a gruelling 3.8-kilometre ocean swim, 180-kilometre bike ride, and 42.2-kilometre marathon run.

“It was my first Ironman, so to get through it was a special feeling but to manage it in the time I did, I was absolutely stoked,” Ms Graham said.

“I completed the Ironman with a final time of 10 hours and 30 minutes.”

It was no easy feat juggling shift work while undertaking extensive training for her first Ironman, but Jacqui said she made it work.

“I would swim two to three times a week, run three to four times a week and cycle around three to four times a week, with upwards of 15 hours total training, the bulk of my training being completed on my days off from work,” she said.

Ms Graham has worked with Ambulance Victoria for more than 12 years and wanted to share a message with paramedics and other first responders that it’s important to keep making time for the hobbies they’re passionate about, such as sport.

“I know when some paramedics begin their careers, they put an end to programmed sport due to… Read the full story here.

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