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WITH restrictions relaxing, locals are now able to get out and about and enjoy the many attractions that Victoria has to offer., And the good news is that many of the attractions are right on our doorstep. Take for example Gooram Falls and Polly McQuinn’s – just a short 30 minute drive from Alexandra., So why not enjoy a picnic or a spot of birdwatching at Polly McQuinn’s day visitor area or follow the walking trail from Gooram Falls upper day visitor area taking in the impressive cascading waterfall., Gooram Falls are west of the Strathbogie Tableland on the Euroa-Mansfield Road and the carpark is accessible via two-wheel drive all year round., For those looking for a new experience in nature or a day trip to discover a new part of Victoria’s great outdoors, the Seven Creeks Wildlife Reserve provides the answer., Set in the scenic Strathbogie Ranges, the reserve features a unique system of granite outcrops, year-round cascading waterfalls and deep pools. Spring is a fantastic time to visit while the creek is full of of fresh bubbling water., Andrew Sawicki, Area Chief Ranger, Parks Victoria said that spring is a fantastic time to visit the area.

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