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Marysville-Buxton Road incident (1)

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Jun 16, 2022

The people involved in the vehicle incident on Marysville-Buxton Road on Wednesday, June 15 have been identified. The driver who passed away was a 62 year old from the Benalla area. The passenger was a 23 year old, also from Benalla. The passenger was airlifted to Melbourne following a long extraction effort. The passenger is not believed to have suffered any broken bones or lacerations, but was under observation and needed to be checked for soft-tissue internal injuries.

The truck had been travelling along Marysville-Buxton Road towards Marysville and went off the road to the left on a slight right hand bend and hit a tree. The vehicle is not believed to have jack-knifed, but the trailer came around to the side of the truck during the collision with the tree. The incident occurred just after 1pm.

Both the truck and the ‘dog’ were full of gravel, so an excavator was needed to remove the rubble. The truck and trailer also needed to be put back on their wheels.

Local SES, CFA and MICA ambulances attended the scene, along with police from Marysville, Eildon, Alexandra and the Mansfield Highway Patrol. Sgt Martin McLachlan from the Mansfield Police commented on how well the groups worked together.

A section of the road was closed shortly after the collision for emergency services to attend. Unfortunately, the collision was not survivable for the driver, so the immediate focus of the emergency services was on the extraction of the passenger. They were very careful during this process as they didn’t want the passenger further injured. The extraction took around two hours.

The road was under management from around 1pm until midnight, a total of around 11 hours.

It was noted that the weather was bad at the time, and as a general warning, people are reminded to drive to the conditions.

The exact cause of the crash will be investigated.

The police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

Police have asked that anyone who witnessed the incident, has dash cam footage or any other information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report at

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