Editorial Complaints Policy

If you believe Alexandra Newapapers or associated publications have breached its editorial policy and wish to complain about editorial in this newspaper, you can contact the General Manager via the following ways:

Email: manager@alexandranewspapers.com.au
Mail to: The Manager, Alexandra Newspapers Pty Ltd, PO Box 5, ALEXANDRA VIC 3714
Phone: (03) 5772 1002
In person: 43 Grant Street, ALEXANDRA, VIC 3714


Complaints will be accepted up to one month from the date of the publication of the concerned article.

To progress the complaint, it must be put in writing with:

  • A link to the relevant webpage, if the complaint is about online material, or if the item is in print only, the publication title, date, page and headline;
  • Reference must be made as to the nature of your complaint;
  • Any other documents that will help us assess your complaint. Complaints received without this information may not be considered.

Alexandra Newspapers may seek further details after your initial contact, and reserve the right to reject, without further investigation, complaints that show no breach.


Alexandra Newspapers aims to acknowledge your complaint within two working days of receiving the complaint. In making a complaint, you agree to respond promptly to any request for further information.

If Alexandra Newspapers receives multiple complaints about the same issue, the General Manager may make one response to all.

Alexandra Newspapers will respond to all complaints within 28 days of receiving all the necessary information to allow us to investigate.

If at any stage of your complaint Alexandra Newspapers does not hear back from you within 14 days, the complaint will be considered satisfied and closed.


If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may take the matter to the Australian Press Council.

As a member of the Victorian Country Press Association, Alexandra Newspapers and associated publishing entities are bound by the standards of the Australian Press Council.

For more information on the press council’s complaints handling policy please visit www.presscouncil.org.au/making-a-complaint.

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